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Book Review: The Invisible Woman by Claire Tomalin

The Invisible Woman by Claire Tomalin


My experience with The Invisible Woman began by accident. I was meeting someone in a bookstore. They happened to be late, so I began perusing the shelves. The lovely cover stuck out, and having no idea what it was, I picked it up and read through the first few pages. I was so interested by it that I immediately took it to the counter, and in doing so, almost missed my friend's arrival. (Woops.)

Before discussing my feelings on it, I will offer the disclaimer that my experience with Charles Dickens is minimal and I have not seen the movie adaptation of this book. I'm not a Dickens scholar. I've only read bits of his work here and there through school and I've never studied any of his biographical information, though I do intend to read Tomalin's companion biography of Dickens at some point. Rather than being intrigued by the behemoth reputation of Dickens, I was drawn to The Invisible Woman primarily because it offered an outsider's perspective on such a legendary literary figure. History so often forgets the women, and I find attempts to rectify those omissions irresistible.

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