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Kickstart Corner: 5/8/2015

Little Free Library Big Book Access Campaign by Todd Bol 

-This project aims to install miniature libraries in schools, police departments and impoverished areas. Improving and building literacy is a mission dear to my heart and I think that this is a simple and easy way to contribute. Backer rewards include t-shirts, tote bags, books and more. There are 13 days remaining.

THE OFFBITS - The Art of Spare Parts by THE OFFBITS

- Build-it-yourself robots made of upcycled parts. Different characters and vehicles available. Backer rewards include different characters, extensions and tools. 13 days remaining. 

Kickstarter 5/8/15 - The Peachy Pixel

A Feminist Deck by Kiva Smith-Pearson

- Kiva has designed a deck of illustrated cards featuring images and information about modern feminist role models, all of whom this project aims to highlight and support. Rewards include digital copies of the art, physical copies of the deck and custom art. 26 days remaining.

Light Fall by Bishop Games

- 2D platformer set in the fictional world of Numbra, a dangerous land enshrouded in darkness. Includes action and puzzle-solving, as well as an immersive story. Draws inspiration from games such as Limbo. For PC and Mac. 28 days remaining. 

Little Devil Inside by Neostream

- Immersive and engaging 3D game combining action and RPG elements. Follows a college professor who investigates the paranormal. Gameplay emphasizes survival and exploration, focuses on realism. For instance, you will need to prepare for bad weather, or else deal with the consequences. For PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and XBone. 16 days remaining. 

Kickstarter 5/8/15 - The Peachy Pixel

Herald - An Interactive Period Drama by Wispfire

- As the name indicates, Herald is a narrative-driven drama set in an alternate 19th century. It is a choice-directed game that combines elements of the point and click adventure with the visual novel. Available on PC, Mac and Linux. 16 days remaining. 

Cash & Carrie by Shawn Pryor

A comic about two middle school detectives who try to solve mysteries. 32 days remaining. 

Schoolism Subscriptions: Art Education Made Affordable by Bobby Chiu

This project offers a subscription based service which gives access to online art classes taught by successful artists. Wide variety of classes are offered. Premium level subscriptions even include critique sessions to evaluate your work.