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12 Days of Christmas: Last Minute Gift Ideas

It feels inevitable that I'll always forget to buy a gift for at least one person until the very last minute. For myself, and everyone else that has this problem, I've decided to build a list of great gifts that can still be purchased at the very last minute. I've tried to pick gifts that will be fun and meaningful. They're all something that I would enjoy receiving, which I think is a pretty good test. 

Ziggerman's Bacon Club

Pretty self explanatory. Send the gift of fancy bacon every month. 

Blue Apron

This is a great choice for anyone you know who's stuck in a food rut. It's a meal subscription service that sends absolutely everything needed to cook a meal, including easy to follow recipes. Subscriptions can be purchased by the week, and include three meals per week. All the recipes look yummy. (Use the promo code DOUBLEX to get a discount on the first week you order.) 

Stitch Fix

This is a cool clothing service for ladies. It allows for the user to select their fashion tastes and then each month they'll receive a box of clothing in the mail. What they like they keep, and anything they don't like they send back.Customer feedback helps refine the clothing selection so that it improves with each shipment. They're only charged for what they like. Gift cards can be purchased starting at $20 and ranging all the way up to $1000.  

Loot Crate

If you're shopping for a gamer, or really any aficionado of nerd culture, this is a good choice. This subscription sends out a themed box of merchandise every month. Themes range from Villains to Galactic, and the crates include posters, action figures, stickers, comics, candy and all sorts of other cool things. Subscription begin at $13.37 a month and they can be purchased in 1,3 or 6 month increments. Gift cards are also available. (Code SAVE3 will save you $3 on any gift subscriptions or cards.)


If you're shopping for a book lover, might I suggest Powell's? They're one of the few remaining large, independent book stores in the US. Supporting them supports a number of literary establishments. They're a great company, and they have an amazing variety of new and used books at goof prices. They offer deals on shipping and you can buy gift cards. As a big reader myself, I love Powell's. 


A subscription to MAKE magazine is a great choice for older kids or adults who are interested in tinkering and making things. Each issue is full of articles detailing how to make things like robots, woodworking, and an elliptical machine made of cardboard. I really love this magazine. Everything in it always looks so fun and interesting. Projects range from beginner to quite complex and detailed guidance and instruction are offered. Also, right now they're running a promotion where if you gift it to someone else, you get a free subscription too. Pretty neat. 

For Kids

Little Passports

This is a fun little thing I came across while listening to a podcast. Every month this service will mail out a box full of souvenirs, pictures and information about a new location on the globe. There are different levels tailored for different age groups. It works as a subscription service, and can be purchased in increments of 1, 6 or 12 months depending on how much you want to spend. It's educational and who doesn't enjoy getting a package in the mail? (Also, use the code CHEER15 to get 15% of your first order. Yay for deals!)