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12 Days of Christmas: Podcast Recommendation

My love of podcasts is no secret. I love listening to them while I work and especially when I drive. They can be educational, thought provoking, humorous or touching. During the holidays though, I've found that I gravitate more towards podcasts with a more uplifting and entertaining feel to them, and I've quit listening to some of my favorites. For example, I've thoroughly enjoyed Serial so far, but it just doesn't feel like a good holiday choice. So with that in mind, I've come with my recommendation for a light-hearted podcast that should get you through all those long drives, Totally Beverages and Sometimes Hot Sauce.

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If you've heard of the Totally family of podcasts, you're probably already familiar with TBASH, but if not, they're all worth checking out. This recommendation though is specifically for Totally Beverages. The premise of the show is deceptively simple. Andy Rozen, along with Intern Josh and a guest, come together each week to discuss and try beverages (and occasionally hot sauce). This really doesn't do the show justice though. Each episode features an interview with beverages as it's focal point. These are always surprisingly insightful into the life of the interviewee. You can learn a lot about a person through their choice of what to drink and what not to drink. They do a shoot out each week, trying new things and discussing how certain drinks stack up against their counterparts. They take listener questions. 

TBASH - The Peachy Pixel

It all sounds so mundane in writing, but it has a unique and earnest sort of humor that makes each episode a joy to listen to. There's really no describing it. But I thoroughly recommend it. Everyone on earth has to drink to survive, and chances are that you'll have something in common with one of the participants. And you might learn about a new beverage that piques your interest. I certainly have. I've already tried a few new kinds of tea that I hadn't heard of before.

So, check it out! It's a humorous way to spend an hour. Here is a link to the most recent episode where they try different kinds of eggnog. And here is a link to my favorite episode so far, featuring Amanda Sitko, where they try six different kinds of Four Loko

PS The theme song is awesome.