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12 Days of Christmas: Sweet Rolls

Christmas is right around the corner! To celebrate the holidays I'll be making a post every day from now until Christmas! I'll try to make all these posts at least vaguely holiday-themed without being overwhelming.

Christmas is my favorite time of year to bake, so for my first official Christmas post I decided to try out a new recipe. There are usually a lot of guinea pigs around who will be willing to try your experiments. 

Sweet Rolls- The Peachy Pixel

 I recently came upon this wonderful recipe for Sweet Rolls by Rachael Whitaker. She created a recipe to make Sweet Rolls similar to those that can be found in Skyrim. It's so simple and so clever, and I knew I wanted to try them as soon as I saw it.

The recipe is pretty straightforward. The batter was delicious. 

Sweet Rolls- The Peachy Pixel

Everything went flawlessly until I pulled the cakes out of the oven to cool. There was a blowout. 

As you can see here, at least from my experience, the cook time was significantly off. The recipe recommends cooking the cakes for 20 minutes. I found that they needed more like 30-35 minutes before the center began to solidify. This issue was quickly resolved though. I just put them back in the oven. They were beautiful when they came out.

Sweet Rolls- The Peachy Pixel

The icing was easy and delicious. When everything came together, they were amazing. Several people remarked on how pretty and delicious the Sweet Rolls were. 

Sweet Rolls - The Peachy Pixel

I have to say, I was even more impressed with these than I thought I would be. They were so good! And they look just like the ones in Skyrim. I heartily recommend them as a lovely holiday recipe. Check them out!