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Dirt Cups

In celebration of Halloween, I decided to recreate one of my favorite childhood holiday treats. Dirt Cups! They're fun to make, they're really cute and they're really easy to make! What's not to like? 

Dirt Cups- Peachy Pixel

At their most basic level, Dirt Cups are just chocolate pudding with crushed Oreo topping, but I like to add a couple special touches to mine. 

I started with some cookies. Any sugar cookie recipe should work. I just used a butter knife to cut out the tombstone shape. After they had cooled off I added my icing and put them in the fridge to let the icing set.

Then I started my chocolate pudding. I used a recipe that I found on Pinterest. As a kid I think we just used Jello pudding, but I decided to try my hand at making it from scratch. It was a lot easier than I expected and it's delicious. I've had nothing but positive reactions. 

Making pudding- Peachy Pixel

I didn't have a double boiler handy to use, so I used two pots and it worked like a charm! 

After that, all that was left was to portion it out and let it cool.

Chocolate pudding- Peachy Pixel

Then you add Oreo crumbs and some gummy worms and you're ready to go!  Enjoy your yummy Halloween treats!

Dirt Cups- Peachy Pixel