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Chocolate Covered Grapes

Quick and Easy Chocolate Covered Grapes

Whenever I need to come up with a dessert quickly, this is the recipe I turn to. My mom taught it to me when i was a kid and it's always been a family favorite. The best part is that its really easy to make.


All you really need are some room temperature grapes and some white chocolate. The crushed nuts are optional. I prefer the nuts, but I'll occasionally make them without for friends with allergies, or a mixture of both for large gatherings. You could also try them with sprinkles, granola, Oreo crumbs or any other crushed topping.

 For this batch I was pretty excited to  get some Ghiradelli baker's chocolate on sale, but any kind of baker's chocolate will work. White chocolate chips will even work in a pinch, though I find that the chips don't melt as well and can taste a little different. Likewise, any sort of grape will work. I always choose green and seedless. Simple and yummy. 

Ready to Begin

For every 20 grapes, melt around an ounce of chocolate. Since it's such a small amount, I usually melt in a small container in the microwave. Heat it in 15-20 second intervals, stirring in between. 

Lay out a piece of wax paper and if your using nuts or any other toppings, have them prepared in a small dish or directly on the paper. 

From there, it's simple! Just dunk each grape into the chocolate. How much is up to you. I dunk them a little less than half way. Immediately dip them into the nuts. Then lay them on the wax paper so that they can dry. 

Chocolate Covered Grapes- Almost Done

Once all the grapes have been dipped in both the chocolate (and nuts), move them to the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes  so the chocolate will set. After that, they're ready to eat! Enjoy you Chocolate Covered Grapes!

I prefer them chilled, but they do fine at room temperature too. In my experience, they'll stay fresh for a week to ten days if you keep them refrigerated, but our's rarely make it that long. 

Keep in mind that while the recipe is only for twenty, it's very easy to double or triple for larger groups. 

Chocolate Covered Grapes

Chocolate Covered Grapes

-20 room temperature grapes

-1 ounce white chocolate (ideally baker's chocolate)

-(Optional) Crushed nuts, or other topping

1. Melt chocolate until it's mostly smooth. Prepare crushed nuts and any other toppings. Place all ingredients on a sheet of wax paper.

2. Dip nuts into chocolate, toppings and then place them on the wax paper.

3. Let grapes sit in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, or until chocolate has fully set.